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Estate work is managing the property and financial affairs of someone who is incapacitated or has died. Our principal is an experienced executor and trustee who advises and represents trustees, administrators and executors in the management of trust property, decisions around aged care accommodation and deceased estates. Our time-costed professional fee for estate work is subject to a policy of billing,  at most, what the Public Trustee (or their solicitor) would charge.

Deceased estates

Services include –

  • handling immediate post-mortem tasks (e.g. securing property and paying for funeral)
  • applying to the Queensland Supreme Court Probate Registry to prove wills and/or be appointed as the estate representative (cost estimator below)
  • land transmissions, share and other property transfers
  • calling in financial resources from superannuation or other arrangements
  • informal administrations (small or insolvent estates)
  • general administration of estates
  • trust accounting
  • expedited interim distributions
  • claiming executor commission
  • finalisation.

Please try our legal cost estimators below.

Estates of incapacitated persons

Our principal works with impaired decision-makers directly and through their next of kin, attorneys, administrators and guardians. Help is available to navigate Queensland’s Guardianship and Administration Act 2000 including applying to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) for necessary orders. Experienced, practical advice is available to solve problems under the Powers of Attorney Act 1998.  Please contact us directly for cost estimates.