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Elder accommodation

We advise prospective residents of –

  1. Aged Care including government assistance for staying at home (Home Care) under the Aged Care Act (Cth) 1997
  2. Independent living or serviced units under the Retirement Villages Act (Q) 1999
  3. Moveable homes and site agreements under the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act (Q) 2003
  4. Family arrangements including “Granny Flats” under the Property Law Act (Q) 1974 and Social Security Act (Cth) 1991

We do this by –

  • reviewing proposed contracts or agreements and drafting changes
  • making sure that the terms are fair, suited to your circumstances and accord with your wishes
  • confirming you understand the agreement, your other options, and the cost and procedure for getting out of the arrangement later.

We have studied the Aged Care Act so that you can ask us questions such as –

Why is the resident agreement full of jargon and over an inch thick?
What is the legal formula that decides how much must be paid for aged care?
What are the payment options and the pros and cons of each?
What services are included in aged care as standard and which cost extra?
Must the existing home be sold, or instead rented out, or even given to family?
Can I borrow money from my children to pay for aged care?
How much is expected to be refunded after the aged care agreement ends?

Please contact us for assistance in this specialised area of law. You might do that by completing our questionnaire about aged care designed to give you an indication of costs and an overview of the issues.