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Privacy Policy

You have seen these words before: ‘Your privacy is important to us’. Sometimes these words are followed by disclosures about how your personal details may be passed on, or even sold, to third parties. But not by us. As an Australian legal practice, we will protect the confidential and often privileged nature of lawyer-client communications.

That said, it is possible that some of your private information is coerced or taken from us. That could happen lawfully (e.g. pursuant to a court order) or unlawfully (e.g. hacking/theft) even without our knowledge. Our simple guarantee is that we will use, hold and secure your private information as you would reasonably expect of a law firm. This includes observance of professional rules of conduct and taking reasonable precautions.

We are onboard with the Information Privacy Principles (found in the Information Privacy Act 2009) and although we are mostly not bound to follow the Australian Privacy Principles (found in the Privacy Act 1988) or the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations, in so far as they are relevant, we generally apply those principles and best practices too.

By using our website you are deemed to accept our privacy policy (which is detailed here: Privacy Policy).

If you have any questions, want to complain, or correct any information we may hold about you, please contact us. 

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