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Client Cyber Alert

Hackers are impersonating law firms (especially those with trust accounts) to trick people into sending money to the hacker’s bank account.

To avoid being a victim of cyber fraud, please follow these 6 rules.

  • DO NOT transfer money in excess of $10,000 without first telephoning to check details and authenticity. 
  • BE SUSPICIOUS of any telephone number contained within an e-mail requesting money be paid. Telephone using a number from a letter sent to you independently or by checking the telephone book.
  • DO NOT open e-mail attachments, click on links or download files in SUSPICIOUS EMAILS without first investigating (e.g. telephoning) the sender to check legitimacy.
  • BE EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS any e-mail notifying you of CHANGES TO OUR TRUST ACCOUNT. It will 99.9% be from a fraudster/hacker. 
  • CONTACT us or the Queensland Law Society to resolve doubts about the authenticity of emails that purport to be sent by us to you.
  • WARN anyone else involved in the transferring of money on your behalf (e.g. spouse, broker, accountant).

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