Law Practice Trust Account

The trust account for this law practice is –

Robert J Garvey Solicitor Trust Account
ANZ Bank 324 Queen St Brisbane
Branch (BSB) no. 014 002
Account no. 4977 71221
Swift code: ANZ BAU3M (if needed)

After making a deposit into this account, please send us particulars of payment and demand an official trust account receipt.

Law practice trust accounting 

All money entrusted to this law practice in the course of and in connection with the provision of legal services must be paid into our general trust account. This trust account is audited yearly with its records retained for a minimum of 7 years. Confidence in solicitor trust accounts in Queensland is also supported by The Legal Practitioners’ Fidelity Guarantee Fund administered by the Queensland Law Society.

Hacker warning

Computer hackers are known to impersonate lawyers (and their websites) to fraudulently intercept electronic funds transfers. You might want to telephone us or otherwise independently verify our trust account details. Most importantly, if you are transferring to our trust account for the first time, or transferring a large amount (e.g. over $10,000), then definitely do not rely on any website or communication (from us or anyone) without independently verifying for authenticity. You might do that by telephoning us on a separately known number, recognising our voice, or test by asking questions. After an EFT to our trust account try to save the payee information with your bank for reusing later (rather than have details re-resent to you).  

Clearance delays

Funds must ‘clear’ in the trust account before they can be drawn upon. The time it takes for funds to clear depends on the banks involved and the type of deposit payment. Most cheques clear within 3 days but they can take up to a week. Transaction delays caused by late clearance of funds are a relatively common issue and can be the cause of contract termination and damages claim.