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Digital Products

Legal publications/information, forms, DIY legal guides, legal document templates (and the like) authored by us are ‘digital products’ because they do not involve human interaction. Digital products may be based on answers and information you supply and be driven by logic and legal modelling, but the output is immediate, cold and completely unaware of the big picture (such as a fast approaching critical date or tears of duress).

At best, artificial legal intelligence frees up time and lowers the cost of dealing with bureaucratic forms and lower order legal issues, enabling lawyers and clients to focus on important matters. But this distinction must not become blurred. AI digital products are designed by technicians (not necessarily a lawyer) whereas legal advice or a legal service is founded upon the professional judgment of a practising lawyer’s human interaction with their client. Digital products are ancillary technical services that should not be confused with legal advice/services and so never relied upon as such.

Any digital product supplied or sold by us is provided strictly on the basis of maximum permissible waivers, disclaimers, exclusions and indemnities intended to defeat any claim for loss or damage arising from its use or dissemination. If you obtain a digital product from us, then you acknowledge that:

  • it is not a service of the kind that only a lawyer can give;
  • that it is sold without warranty; and
  • even in a worst-case scenario, a refund of your purchase price operates as a complete discharge and release for us for any loss, grievance or unhappiness claimed from the sale.

You may use our digital products an unlimited number of times for your own purposes, but you must not sell, share, republish or otherwise disseminate them. This is because, and you acknowledge it here, that we retain ownership of the copyright in our digital products. If you do disseminate our digital products to third parties, then you unconditionally and irrevocably indemnify us against any third party claims in connection with such third-party use of or reliance upon our digital products.

If you would like us to customise a digital product to your personal circumstances or give you related advice, then that is legal work subject to the Legal Profession Act for which we do take professional responsibility. Such requests are welcome and make for a cost-effective running start to a professional engagement.