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Our enterprise practice area focuses on the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs, especially –

  • Starting a new small business (legal/financial design, asset protection, priorities, compliance paperwork and risk).
  • Finance for small business including certificates of legal advice for guarantors.
  • Business agreements (e.g. for founders, investors, lenders, principal/agent and distributors).
  • Business structuring (legal foundations, branding/intellectual property, changes to business entities, licences and key contracts).
  • Purchases and sales of existing small businesses (try our quick cost estimator below).
  • Leasing of commercial and retail shops (try our quick cost estimator below).
  • Consumer contracts (that are free of superfluous legal jargon and comply with Consumer Law).
  • Human resource contracts and policy disclosures (incentives, options, performance management).
  • Representations to industry regulators, local government and dealing with bureaucracy.

We strongly believe in and support small businesses and start-ups.